Abbey Kaye is an online fitness and vegan/vegetarian nutrition coach. She is an all-around athlete, competitive bodybuilder, and has a long history with running—including a marathon and many half marathons.

Abbey Kaye is enthusiastic about helping clients achieve their fitness and health goals on their own terms and in an enjoyable way. Check out her Instagram account!

  • Certified Personal Trainer
  •  In-Person Training & Group Fitness Instructor at the River Valley Club (Lebanon, NH)

“Abbey has been a huge enhancement to my overall fitness and nutritional well being. She introduced me to counting macronutrients which has been a complete game changer for the way I eat! Never in my life did I believe I could eat MORE, yes MORE, and still lose fat percentage and gain the muscle I desired. I have been a vegan for three and a half years, and Abbey has made fueling my body with the proper nutrients easier than ever.”

Katie F.
[Online Consultant/Web Designer]